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stewing brewing and trying things

Wow its been basically a year since i posted any content (well 8 months since last then 4 months... so yeah) I've been thinking about resetting the blog just to start fresh since its been a good long time since i wrote regularly. as of right now though i'm going to leave it as is, just dont be surprised if that happens.


As for new things... i did a remarkable thing in data mining. Basically i found a good way to auto adjust learn rate on GBM. its not that hard but I'll keep the details to my self for right now. It saves a ton of time (as you can imagine) so you dont have to adjust learning rate over and over again on any given setting trying to hone it just right.


I havent really played magic in ages. Though i do have 1 event coming up. I havent really played but once since November, So nothing really to write home about there . I did brew up a new deck to use but i doubt too much will come of it other than me having some fun.


I've tried stock analysis and investment a couple times since i last wrote. All using data mining to do forecasting. Nothing facny just conventional stock investment (buying then selling when up). it seems to work well for a time but then it always goes to crap after a month or so. it might be time to move to volatility trading. For now i've pulled out and am letting automated mechanisms run on collective2.com to see if they can produce good long term gains. If the do then that I'll open up my results at securitiesminer.com (behind a feathercoin paywall) and make the portfolio  available on collective2.com . right now i'm still in the phase of both debugging the process and trying to get positive by honing the settings for buying and selling. this all assumes the predictions are merit-able.


I've been stewing on games to work on too. I have 2 ideas i want to do, 1 will be harder than the other. I'll post more about them when i have something more substantial to talk about. (other than ideas in my head) I will say that i'm looking at babylon.js for 1 of them. I just can seem to get in to unity. So i'm going to try that.


Since I mentioned games... I've played tons and tons of rimworld. in fact I now have a number of world records over at speedrun.com/rimworld :) i use the twitch account 1daft ... nothing really to say beyond that, just thought it was neat. the game doesnt really draw much attention so its hard to be proud of any kind of real record. still i have fun


Also in the news, I've spent A LOT of time looking at encryption and specifically the discrete log problem. specifically solve for x .... a^x = b (mod N) where a, b and N are known. its a great/fun problem to work on but alas a good solution still eludes me. which... i mean is probably best. solving that breaks both RSA (https / primes) and Elliptic-curve cryptography (used in cryptocurrency among other things).. though it would allow people to factor large numbers in trivial time. so that's something.


Finally, mentioning cryptocurrency... I've been waiting for feathercoin to pop again but alas it hasnt. its drifted down even has bitcoin has started to resurge. I've watched bitcoin go for 3500 to 12000 and in the same time feathercoin drifted down from 0.08 to 0.02 ... so yeah. disappointed. i think (as i've said before) people need a way to spend it to help encourage interest. i mentioned a feathercoin paywall on the securities site. i'll also consider doing it for the game (assuming it happens)