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One Punch Man excercise crazieness

So lately i've been trying to lose weight. Partly cause i like the way i look when i look in the mirror and partly because it's just healthier for me. I had a goal to lose some weight by June 12th butwith the rate weight loss is working out to be. I dont think i'm gonna really come close to my goal.

The main reasons are my age (i'm 41 and metabolism slows down) and my lack of movement most of the day. I run but its not enough. I generally do 4 miles, 3 times a week but my constant sitting doesn't burn a lot of calories so its kind of a wash. Also my muscles seem conditioned to do said 4 mile run quite well without much training. I tried cutting carbs and that helped, but that's not doing much without enough exercise to burn the fat.

So I'm gonna do something that will really, and I mean really, make me lose weight (in a good way). i'm gonna do Saitama's exercise routine (from One Punch Man). I wouldn't do it if it wasn't possible for me. The "hard" part is the running and that's the one part i wont sweat. So what is it?

  • 100 Push-Ups
  • 100 Sit-Ups
  • 100 Squats
  • 10KM Running (that’s 6.2 miles)

every single day.

Okay really? every single day? no. that wouldn't make sense, even when maintaining yourself that seems overkill unless there was some real need. so I'll probably do it 4 days a week. 6.2 miles a day is another 2.2 miles on my normal run. so it will be a little harder at first. the 100 squats and sits ups and push ups wont be bad as long as i break them up in to sets. I'll probably do 2 work outs a day with 3 sets each. so 51 push ups,sit ups and squats  (3 sets of 17) twice a day.

But that's CHEATING! actually, he doesn't really say it was all in one go. in fact i probably should break up the run too. but honestly, i dont really want to cause its going to eat up enough of my day as is. (quite the time sink) And when i get in better shape i'll probably merge the 2 other work outs in to one so it'll be 3 sets of 34 each. but that wont be for a month or so.

am i really that out of shape? this does seem drastic but, its more just something to amuse me. if i absolutely cant find time or hate it, i'll stop. but baring incident, i'll start tomorrow (though my first day i might do 1/2 and really go 100% Wednesday). I'm abandoning my dieting at least till i get going cause not having carbs while exercising is more brutal than I want to be. right now I weigh around 195 I'd really like to be 180. 175 is like my perfect super-in-shape weight that I really havent been in... er ever (well high school, but that was a not yet adult form of me). even when I was in great shape around 28 (13 years ago ugh) i was still like 178. (splitting hairs i know)

Anyway, we'll see how it goes i"ll keep ya all updated. I may or may not post before and after pictures, you'll just have to wait and see hah! really, i'm thinking from the front there will be THAT much difference my face will look a little thinner.  the main thing is I wont have quite the thick core (torso seen from the side) . which is really my goal.