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new website on data mining and a neat video on heat death

Hello folks! Things keep moving forward (time is like that). I've been busy today. I've started to put together a website for data mining https://www.yourdatamine.com. This is a site that allows anyone with a few csv files or tab delimited files to do some data mining. I might monetize it later (make it pay per use) but till i gauge the interest I'm going to make it free. I need to finish it too of course. But I think I can have a basic version ready by end of day tomorrow. i only started on it today so that's something.

I also have continued to update projects on http://project106.com. I need to update it tomorrow as well (just to bring the weight loss section up to date and add a project for yourdatamine.com. But really things are going well there, even if updated sporadically.

Finally, I wanted to throw out a link to a video done by PBS space time on the blog's name sake.... the heat death of the universe. What? you didn't realize that's what dim red glow referred to? I .. I don't know you any more. *grin* seriously, the name dim red glow is a reference to the idea that at the very end of the universe all that will really be left are protons zipping around the universe slowly getting stretched out more and more as they grow fainter and fainter due to dark energy stretching them out over an ever increasing area. Eventually leaving nothing but a dim red glow. Anyway here you go, it's a good one  :) enjoy.