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The Legend of Question Six [Solution] - Numberphile

If you are reading this you might be searching for a solution, saw my comment or just be browsing the internet. So here's the thing, I saw a Numberphile and was like "i gotta try that" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y30VF3cSIYQ . I do recreational math, so you know.... i like a challenge. anyway here's the solution I came up with (I circled) the "magic step". Basically the realization is that the left and right sides are in the same form. and since I made "I" up I can choose it to be equal to B which forces the other side to be A which then of course dictates its value.

This was my 2nd attempt I spent a few minutes going down another path to see if i could turn it in to a quadratic and just get solutions... it was a mess so I went back and looked for well, what you see. Oh and above The J substitution isn't necessary. i was just doing it to see if anything made sense as a next step beyond the obvious. it didn't help you could remove it. I just didnt want to rewrite the work and i did it in ink so... there it stands.

Gen Con and the state of magic

I haven't had a blog in such a long time. The last thing i wrote about was the sum of 3 cubes, which while i'm working on is now in a pot with a bunch of other things I'm working on. this post though is all about gen con and magic. hopefully I'll get another up in the next day or so on some other stuff going on.

First, magic, I went Gen Con again this year, and played a lot of magic among other things there. it was great in general but the magic part of it was pretty lack luster. Not much to say here other than my magic days are winding down. Its not that I don't enjoy the game but the discovery and problem solving aspect of it is almost played out for me. It may be counter intuitive but when you get to a point where you can't sabotage your deck with random crazy ideas (cause you feel like you've tried them all) you start to do better but it becomes a lot more boring. That's a long winded way of saying winning with the expected decks is boring. And really winning in general is kind of boring. The struggle in anything is what makes it exciting.

I don't really plan on doing any more mtg grand prix's though I might squeeze in 1 or 2 next year if the event looks like it'll be a ton of fun. I expect this time next year, i'll either be done with it or have like 1 major event.

Also as a note, Gen Con next year is the 50th anniversary so if you aren't planning on going, change your plans! It'll be one not to miss. Assuming I go (you never know for sure) I won't be playing nearly as much magic, and I'll definitely be getting more sleep. being tired the entire con makes it less fun and less memorable. Also it goes by much quicker which stinks!

Besides magic, I played true dungeon (1st dungeon was meh, 2nd was pretty good). I did AEG big game night (fun when you have others with you). Did the keg tapping on Wednesday for the 20 sided rye ale. I did the orc stomp 5k (probably wont do this next year, cause the 6:30am start time... ie 5:45 wake up ruins a lot of the con cause of the lack of sleep i get). And I got a chance to demo a friends game for an hour and half.  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1410499285/dragonstone-mine-a-family-friendly-board-game

Back to magic, what am I playing right now? In standard bant humans. In modern The rock (or my version of it). in legacy eldrazi-post (12 post with eldrazi)  and painter. I'm working on a zur's weirdening/life gain deck in modern. And I'm working a black/white control/life gain deck in standard as well.